Gordon Smith – University of Manchester NHS Foundation Trust – Acute Medical Unit

What have you learnt as a NA/TNA? 

I have learned a wealth of knowledge and skills during my training as a TNA and continue to do so as a Nursing Associate in my current post within Acute Medicine. I have further developed my professionalism and confidence and learned more about myself as a person. 

What would you say to anyone who’s worried about how much they’ll have to learn?   

It’s all about time management and prioritisation. I found reading about topics before lectures and study days invaluable to provide the foundations for my learning. I always aim to learn at least two things during each of my shifts on the ward. It’s amazing how this knowledge can develop over time. 

What’s been the best thing in your TNA/NA journey? 

It’s great to see how the role has developed and the recognition and appreciation that the role has now gained and will continue to gain over the coming years. 

What would you say to somebody who’s interested in becoming an NA/TNA? 

Go for it! If you are passionate about providing quality patient care and wish to gain further knowledge and skills please approach myself or any of the Nursing Associates and we will be delighted to answer any questions and support you in your application! 

Can you sum up in one sentence what’s so special about being a NA/TNA? 

Being in a position to provide enhanced support to my colleagues and simply being able to do more to make that difference to patient care!