Nursing Associates in Primary Care – Highfields Medical Practice, Leicester

Watch our film and learn about the work Nursing Associate, Adam Kalaher does caring for patients as part of the team at the Highfields Medical Practice in Leicester.

Nursing Associates in the Intensive Treatment Unit – University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Watch our film where we hear from Nursing Associates working in the Intensive Treatment Unit of University Hospitals Birmingham.

Nursing Associates in the District Nursing Team – Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

Watch our film where Nicola Munns, Nursing Associates in the District Nursing Team – Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust talks about the work she does.

Lauren Woods, Nursing Associate, North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Watch a film in which Lauren talks about her work.

Deborah Taylor – Westleigh Medical Practice, Wigan CCG

I am currently a second year Trainee Nursing Associate at Salford University (September 2020 cohort). I was originally due to start in March 2020, but due to the pandemic, the starting date was delayed.

Claire Stott – Bolton Hospice – Palliative Care

My name is Claire Stott and I am a Nursing Associate at Bolton Hospice.

I have worked at Bolton Hospice from September 2014, originally in a Clinical Support Nurse role.

Lisa Scott – Newark Primary Care Network

I was a Nursing Assistant in a GP practice for 5 years and wanted to gain a higher qualification so that I could improve my job prospects. I had looked into starting the Nursing Associate qualification, but it was too costly at that time.

Sarah Hofmann – Cathedral Medical Group – Primary Care

I’ve worked as a Health Care Assistant at the surgery for 6 years and benefitted from the excellent training programme they have supported me through to develop my skills.

Louise Stoney – Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – Primary Care

I had been a Health Care Assistant (HCA) for 10 years, working with the District Nurses.  My colleagues always used to tell me that I was so good at my job, I should be a Nurse.

Joanne Stokes – Maria Mallaband Care Group Limited – Social Care

How it started, how did you get into being a TNA/NA? My story is nothing out of the ordinary, I have worked all my adult life within social care (since the age of 15 actually) in 1986 health care wasn’t as personalised as it is now, no person-centred care and at times very institutionalised for